GPOSE Simulation

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Parameter Units Key Value
Sky Location (RA) degrees ra
Sky Location (Dec) degrees dec
Sky Background mag/arcsec^2 in V (551 nm) sky_background
V Band Extinction Coefficient None k_V
Moon Phase (Full Moon = 0, New Moon = 180) degrees alpha
Moon Zenith Distance (At Zenith = 0) degrees zmoon
Sky Location Zenith Distance (At Zenith = 0) degrees z
Angular Distance to the Moon degrees rho
GPOSE FoV Radius degrees gpose_radius
Number of Telescopes None num_telescope
Number of GAP Channels None num_channels
Telescope Mirror Radius inch telescope_radius
GAP Quantum Efficiency None gap_efficiency
GRB Duration sec t90
GRB 01 mag grb_mag1
GRB 02 mag grb_mag2
GRB 03 mag grb_mag3
GRB 04 mag grb_mag4
LC Time Resolution seconds del_time
LC Profile (Multi-peak = 1, Single-peak = 2, FRED = 3) None profile

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Simulation Results

Parameter Units Value
GPOSE Observatory FOV square degrees 10313.24
GPOSE Observatory FOV steradian 3.14
Telescope FOV Radius degrees 7.17
Telescope FOV square degrees 161.14
Telescope FOV steradian 0.049
Channel FOV Radius degrees 0.90
Channel FOV square degrees 2.52
Channel FOV steradian 0.00077
Brightness due to Moon at the Sky Location (V) Mag 21.20347
Change in Sky Background due to Moon (V) Mag -0.84243
Focal length of the objective lense (16 Channel) mm 47.7
Focal length of the objective lense (64 Channel) mm 95.4