GRB 170131A

Measurement Value Units
Swift Trigger Time Jan. 31, 2017, 5:15 p.m. UT Modify
Swift Trigger Number 736107|Ground Analysis None Modify
BAT RA (J2000) 341.447 deg Modify
BAT Dec (J2000) 64.006 deg Modify
BAT 90% Error Radius 3.0 arcmin Modify
XRT Time to First Observation 78400.0 sec Modify
UVOT Time to First Observation 78368.0 sec Modify
UVOT Other Filter Magnitudes UVW2>21.2 None Modify
Swift Comments XRT: One possible source, but cannot confirm it as the afterglow.|UVOT: no detection None Modify
Swift Burst Advocate David Palmer None Modify
Other Observatory Detections Fermi (GBM), POLAR None Modify

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