GRB 170307A

Measurement Value Units
Swift Trigger Time March 7, 2017, 2:24 p.m. UT Modify
Swift Trigger Number 741528 None Modify
BAT RA (J2000) 13.51 deg Modify
BAT Dec (J2000) 9.538 deg Modify
BAT 90% Error Radius 2.5 arcmin Modify
BAT T90 56.92 sec Modify
BAT Fluence (15-150 keV) 13.0 10^-7 erg/cm^2 Modify
BAT Photon Index (15-150 keV) (PL = simple power-law) 1.88 None Modify
Swift Comments Due to a Sun observing constraint, Swift cannot slew to the BAT position until 00:33 UT on 2017 May 24. None Modify
Swift Burst Advocate Amy Lien None Modify
BAT 1-sec Peak Photon Flux (15-150 keV) 1.4 ph/cm^2/sec Modify
Other Observatory Detections Fermi (GBM) None Modify

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