GRB 170419A

Measurement Value Units
Swift Trigger Time April 19, 2017, 8:26 a.m. UT Modify
Swift Trigger Number 748898 None Modify
BAT RA (J2000) 79.854 deg Modify
BAT Dec (J2000) -21.433 deg Modify
BAT 90% Error Radius 1.7 arcmin Modify
BAT T90 8.18 sec Modify
BAT Fluence (15-150 keV) 3.1 10^-7 erg/cm^2 Modify
BAT Photon Index (15-150 keV) (PL = simple power-law) 2.06 None Modify
XRT Time to First Observation 101.17 sec Modify
UVOT Time to First Observation 592.0 sec Modify
UVOT Magnitude V>19.6 None Modify
UVOT Other Filter Magnitudes B>2.4|U>21.0|UVW1>20.0|UVM2>19.9|UVW2>20.7|White>22.0 None Modify
Swift Comments UVOT: no detection None Modify
Swift Burst Advocate Boris Sbarufatti None Modify
XRT RA (J2000) 79.854625 deg Modify
XRT Dec (J2000) -21.4238888889 deg Modify
XRT 90% Error Radius 1.6 arcsec Modify
XRT Initial Temporal Index -1.019 None Modify
XRT Spectral Index (Gamma) 1.7212 None Modify
XRT Column Density (NH) 1.607866 10^21 cm^-2 Modify
BAT 1-sec Peak Photon Flux (15-150 keV) 1.5 ph/cm^2/sec Modify
XRT 11 Hour Flux (0.3-10 keV) 0.014034546 10^-11 erg/cm^2/s Modify
XRT 24 Hour Flux (0.3-10 keV) 0.006340199 10^-11 erg/cm^2/s Modify

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