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You can use to perform basic data analysis and plotting tasks on available GRB measurements. Our aim is to eventually add most of publish GRB measurements into our database. The main page of the allows you to select your GRB sample. First you need to select what GRB measurements that you are interested in. You can do this by clicking check boxes next to various GRB measurements. Then you can decide whether you need to make any cuts on your GRB sample. First specify the number of cuts you need to do in the "Number of Cuts" text box and click "Add Cuts" button next to it. This will refresh the page and show you set of drop-down boxes corresponds to various cuts. From the drop-down box, you can select the measurement that you need to cut on and specify the bounds. Repeat this for all cuts. Then click "Select the GRB Sample" button. This will show all the GRBs that satisfy your criteria as a table at the lower part of the page. Once you have selected your sample then you can make histogram of various measurements by clicking the "Histogram" button at the top of each column. You can also make correlation plots on the selected sample by clicking "Make Correlation Plots on the Selected GRB Sample" button next to the "Help" button.